Meet our Elders

Current is an elder-led church as set forth in the Bible. 

1 Timothy 3:2-7, Titus 1:6-9, 1 Peter 5:1-3 

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Darren Walter

Lead Pastor

Current Staff 22-3.jpg
Ed Winegar


Current Staff 22-4.jpg
Richard Henning


Current Staff 22-1.jpg
Dave Palazzolo


Meet our Team

We are about Jesus and the Bible, not religion. We laugh at ourselves along the way and we like screens but we prefer faces.

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Jeremiah Chambers

Lead Worship Minister

current staff 22-06.jpg
Greg Rupley

Discipleship Minister

current staff 22-12.jpg
Josh Siergey

Missions Minister

current staff 22-09.jpg
Tim Salas

Lead Student Minister

Men's Minster

current staff 22-10.jpg
Karla Lows

Lead Children's Minister

current staff 22-11.jpg
Nikki Soto

Children's Minister

Women's Minister

current staff photos 22-18 (1).jpg
Jen Henning

Early Childhood Minister

current staff 22-16.jpg
April Helton

Children's Admin

current staff 22-03.jpg
Tiffany Wright

Women's Minister

Operations Director

Current Staff 22-2.jpg
Caleb Bailey

Student Minister

current staff 22-14.jpg
Tina Hill

Student Minister

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Chris Bailey

Production Director

current staff 22-13.jpg
Sam Burmaster

Finance Administrator

current staff 22-01.jpg
Deb Harbin

Administrative Assistant

Current staff photos 22 -1.jpg
Chris Castleman

Facilities & Grounds Manager

current staff 22-07.jpg
Arturo Betancourt

Facilities & Grounds

Current staff photos 22 -2.jpg
Brayden Rojas

Facilities & Grounds

Student Ministry Intern

CJ Leynes

Facilities & Grounds 

Student Ministry Intern


Our Team

Connect with us

Our staff is dedicated to serving Jesus, His people, and each other. Let us know how we can help you grow in your relationships, develop your gifts, and find success in your life.