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Where kids fall in love with Jesus

At CurrentKids we love partnering with parents to help kids fall in love with Jesus. We believe parents are the primary faith trainers of their children—that’s why we continually develop ways to come alongside parents to support what they are already doing at home. During our Sunday environments, we continuously emphasize Current’s core values

Check-in Process

You will find a convenient children’s check-in station on the right hand side as you enter the lobby. One of our amazing CurrentKids volunteers will assist you as your child is placed in an age-appropriate class, with their specific ID tag.

current staff 22-10.jpg
Karla Lows

Lead Children's Minister

current staff 22-11.jpg
Nikki Soto

Children's Minister

Women's Minister

current staff 22-04.jpg
Jen Henning

Early Childhood Minister

current staff 22-16.jpg
April Helton

Children's Admin

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