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June 2, 2024

Sunday, June 2 is Move Up Sunday for all children ages 3 and up.  

If your child’s correct birthdate is in our system, they have automatically been moved to the new class for the coming school year.  When you check in on Sunday, the new class should be on their printed tag.  If you have questions, please speak to a staff member or check in volunteer.


Preschool Things to Know!

Please note for preschoolers moving up from the Sea Turtle Class to the Orange Sub Room, that they must be 3 years of age on or before Sept 1 of this year.  Also, please note that once children move into the Preschool Orange Class, we do not have diaper changing areas available.  If your child is not potty trained, please speak with a staff member or check in volunteer when you are checking in your child.  


Things to Know for the Sub!

For kids entering 2nd grade, please note that your child will now be included in Communion time each week.  Communion is available to anyone who is a believer, however we encourage you to talk to your child about what it is and why it is an important part of our church service.  If you have questions about Communion, please speak with a staff member.  


Incoming 6th graders!

For students moving to 6th grade, please be aware that student programming is available at the 11:00 service only.   

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