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Explore the scripture alongside the sermon from each week. Each week we will post a passage from the sermon along with a few questions for a deeper dive into the text! 

This Week's Passage (from the sermon) 

Watch the sermon (1/29/23)


  • Be intentional

  • Develop a habit

  • Pray

  • Don't bring your point to the text...let the text bring its point to you

  • Read the section of scripture you plan to focus on


  • Context is king

  • Who is speaking or writing? 

  • To whom is this being written to or spoken to? 

  • When, where, and why? 

  • Is this section of scripture part of a bigger story or larger point?


  • Summarize what you read in your own words

  • Write down any key words or ideas

  • Make note of any questions you have or of ideas, topics or people you'd like to study further


  • What is the Bible saying / what does it mean? 

  • What does this say about God? 

  • What does this say about people in general or others? 

  • What does this say about me specifically? 

  • What does this say about how I should live? 

  • What are a few things I can do differently today as a result of what I've studied? 

Looking for more to study!? Want to study in a small group community?! 

Join our Men's and Women's Winter Bible starting on Jan 31! We're kicking off a 6-week study - Tuesdays @ 6:30pm

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Women’s Winter Bible Study

Tuesdays | Starts Jan 31, 2023

6:30p | Auditorium 

Men's Winter Bible Study 

Tuesdays | Starts Jan 31, 2023

6:30p | The Source 

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