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Earlier this year, CurrentMissions decided to come alongside Schmalz Elementary by doing a backpack and school supply drive. The need is great in their community. Schmalz is a Title One school at the northern reaches of Katy ISD.

Well, Current has decided to Show Up for Schmalz Elementary yet again! We all have an opportunity to continue this community outreach and to make a difference in a local kid’s life this Christmas. 

100 selected kids from the families of Schmalz Elementary School students will receive Christmas gifts through people like you at Current.

Thank you for being a part of this important ministry!

Next month, we will be hosting the selected families for a special breakfast event at Current. CurrentKids will provide a Christmas-themed, Bible presentation for their entire family to enjoy. Each family will receive their gifts as well as a special, holiday grocery distribution from Current Cupboard. 


We aim for the Gospel to be lifted high! And we pray that the students, parents, and faculty of Schmalz know that Current is a church that loves them.

Pick up a gift tag in the lobby on Nov 12 & 19!


Here's some instructions for all those participating!

  • By taking a tag you are committing to purchasing and returning gifts to Current by Sunday, November 26.

  • By taking a tag you are committing to a budget of about $100 per child. Please do not go too far over or too far under this amount. Each divergence has its own negative effect. We want every kid to receive gifts of a similar value.

  • You are not obligated to get every item listed on your card. Pick the ones you feel led toward while being mindful of the approximate $100 budget.

  • We do not have direct contact with the parents. We cannot get answers to questions about gift requests, likes/dislikes, preferences, etc. Just use the info on the tag, do your best, have fun, and go for it!

  • DO NOT WRAP THE GIFTS. There are a few reasons for this. If you wish, you may include wrapping supplies like paper, bows, ribbon, or tape with the gifts. These items will be given to the parents.

  • Please do not lose your tag. Also, please keep it in good condition. It will stay with the gifts until final distribution. Return the tag and gifts to the lobby at Current on Sunday, November 19th or Sunday, November 26.

  • When you return your gifts to church, please expect to spend a few minutes to drop off. We'll need to ask a few questions and make sure we get everything properly documented.

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