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A volunteer is so much more than the name, a volunteer is someone who may not desire to be any one of the items listed above but is willing to help out in any way possible. They help with all the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes every event happen. This could be set up / tear down, and prepare food or drinks, they also could assist with last-minute purchases. They could help with decorations and help monitor some of the bigger events.

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Worship Tech Team

Run lights, sound, and graphics for JH's large group time. Also can help with Wed night Wilderness working with slides and works with the Worship team for Wed night Worship. Also, help with taking pic

WIN Team Member

Greets all students and parents at the door, and helps with student check-in and introduces new students to their small group leader, hangs out by the door for late arrival. If available can also help

Student Coordinator

Can do all that a WIN Team member does but is also able to fill in with Tech and small group discussions if someone is out. This position is important because of the flexibility and the knowledge of b


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