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Over the next several weeks at Current, we’ll be talking about how generosity makes us different. The message series is called Jarology. 

Our prayer is that this is more than a message series... but instead a movement of God. Giving to God’s work and to others is not about money, but about transformation at the heart level. 



In a world that tells us to look out for self, generosity calls us to think of others.  


In a world that clamors for more and more, generosity overflows with gratitude for what’s been given.  


In a world that shouts “Me first,” generosity humbly whispers, “God first.” 

How can you be a part of this
church-wide focus?

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Ask God to soften your heart toward HIS Word on the topic of generosity.

Show Up.

Make a commitment now to be part of the worship service each Sunday over the next 6 weeks (April 16th through May 21st). 


Showing up means more than just physically being there. It also means having a willing heart, intentionally listening to God and being ready to do what He calls us to do. 

Leave Different.

Generosity makes us different.  Imagine at the end of these few weeks we are a different church, and you are a different person; more gracious, giving and generous.  Now imagine that the difference in us brings more people to Jesus.  

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At Current we have 6 Biblical core values. One of those is “Generosity: Empty The Jar.”  The idea of emptying the jar is a reference to more than one Biblical story…


In Matthew 16, a woman pours expensive perfume on Jesus to show her deep love for Him. Some called it a waste. Jesus called it worship.  


In 2 Kings 4, a widow and her son are near starvation. All she has is a little oil. Elisha tells her to gather jars from her neighbors, and pour out what oil she had. As she did, the oil kept flowing. She sold the oil and lived from the surplus. 


There are many other Biblical references to giving, sacrifice and generosity. The phrase “Empty The Jar” conveys in just three simple words the life changing challenge to live open-handed, and to give all we are to the Lord. That’s the kind of church, and the kind of people we want to be. 

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