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Congratulations, you’ve made the best decision of your life!

Here’s five things that will help you get started…


Tell people about Jesus and what happened to you.

You don’t need to know any answers, just tell them about Jesus, what happened, and what He did for you. Tell everyone you know and invite them to church!


Read your Bible.

  • Download the YouVersion Bible App; we recommend the NIV translation.

  • Start with the Book of Matthew, One chapter a day is a great start!

  • Pray (have a conversation with God) before and after you read.


Show up for church.

  • Things will constantly compete with Sunday mornings, do your best to protect this time and bring your family if possible!  

  • Read your Bible and listen to worship music on your way to church!


Join a Life Group, Men’s Group or Women’s Group.

  • You’ll meet others who get to know you, pray for you, and encourage you.

  • One of these people will be glad to meet with you to help you grow (just ask).

  • Register for The Bridge the very next time it comes around. 


Start serving  regularly at church.

  • You’ll be surprised how much you grow and how you feel just by doing this.

  • You can talk to anyone on staff and they’ll help you find something specific.

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