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A team from Current will travel to Eastern Europe to support our mission partner Simeon Krastev at Hope for the Balkans. This will be unlike any other trip Current Missions has done to the region. It will be part service, part Christian pilgrimage!


Our team will first travel to Sofia, Bulgaria. We will then travel by car into Greece to the cities of Thessalonica and Philippi. We will visit the actual sites which were addressed in the New Testament epistles. As we travel the region, we will meet and encourage Christian missionaries and their congregations.


We will return to Bulgaria and travel to a refugee camp near the Turkish border. This area is a spiritual battleground where the East truly meets the West. We will support Christian evangelists in a federal refugee camp by distributing food and supplies, witnessing, and praying. Nearly all of the camp’s residents are muslims from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.


A valid passport is necessary. Participants must be in relatively good health in order to enjoy a very busy travel and service schedule.


This trip will have an expanded meeting requirement. There will be about six team meetings before departure. There will also be about eight dedicated Bible study meetings before departure. We will be doing an in-depth study of 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, and Philippians. Participants must commit to attend the meetings and do a significant amount of reading and study.

Travel and Serve

Participants must be willing to attend about five team meetings before departure.



Tuesday, June 20

Wednesday, June 28



April 2



Financial support is a major need. Your generosity can provide for travel expenses, tools and equipment, repair materials, and basic necessities for our team.



Your prayer support is the most valuable asset to our team and for the team and those they serve. Please pray for the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. Please pray for the safety and efficiency of our team and for their families which support them from home.


For more information please email our Missions Minister, Joshua Siergey, at

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